Autumn in New England

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be heading out on this little road-trip adventure of mine.  It will be mid-October…the height of the fall foliage colors in Connecticut.  I took the above photo two years ago, in early November, just a little past the peak, while on my usual health-walk near where I live.  Just quickly snapped this shot with my cell phone camera, as I was about to pass through this naturally-formed tunnel of brilliantly-colored maple leaves.

For anyone who stumbles onto this travel blog, and is not familiar with New England’s fall foliage, scenes like this are what surround us for a few short weeks.  We don’t have to travel anywhere in particular…but, that doesn’t stop us from driving distances in search of the “best” of what is already pretty amazing, almost anywhere you look.

I am only mentioning this, because autumn in New England is arguably my favorite time of year.  But, I am making this little sacrifice of leaving New England at the height of our fall foliage season, in order to visit some equally beautiful places “down South”.

Too bad you can’t be in two places at once.

2 thoughts on “Leaving…”

  1. I live in Alabama. I am originally from Rhode Island.

    I so miss the fall foliage. Thanks for sharing the pic. Brings back memories.


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