I wasn’t quite sure how to introduce anyone who happens to stumble onto this road-trip travel-blog to my mindset for a trip like this.  Maybe it will just unfold gradually in layers on its own.  But, it did occur to me that introducing you to a sampling of the Road-Trip Music Set-List that will be my constant companion on these highways and back-roads, might help.  So, here are a handful of tunes…mostly on the mellower side…just to get you started (Warning: Do not attempt to listen to them all at once.  Side-effects may include…abruptly leaving work…packing a suitcase…and suddenly heading out on your own adventure without explanation):

Look At Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch

Santa Fe – Eilen Jewell

It’s A Shame – Hayes Carll

Tumbleweed – Toni Price

Two Doors Down – Dwight Yoakam

Songbird – Eva Cassidy

Don’t Speak In English – Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez

Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams

Downroads – The Waifs

She Don’t Sing – Andy’s Automatics

Elvis Presley Blues – Gillian Welch

Lost and Found – The Derailers

Keep Your Distance – Buddy & Julie Miller

Nowhere In No Time – Eilen Jewell

Chances Are – Hayes Carll

Something About What Happens When We Talk – Lucinda Williams

This Drinkin’ Will Kill Me – Dwight Yoakam

Wade In The Water – Eva Cassidy

What A Crying Shame – The Mavericks

Bluebird – Toni Price

Let’s Leave This Town – Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez

Had For The Wanting – Andy’s Automatics

Hold On Fool Heart – The Derailers

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