Texas Hill Country – Day-4 (Sunday) – Part-2…Luckenbach, TX and Chicken Shit Bingo at Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin…

Originally, I had more sightseeing planned for my last day in the Hill Country, but after the trail ride, I was ready to head to my next hotel, in Austin, where I could begin to recover from getting lost in the Hill Country. I hadn’t realized how hard I had been pushing myself to cram as much fun as possible into my few days in the Hill Country, but now I was beginning to feel it.

That said, Luckenbach was right on my way to the next hotel, and I had heard that it was a big music weekend there (when is it not?), so I decided to stop there for lunch. Here are just a few photos I captured while I was relaxing:

Then, I headed to my hotel…but, I wasn’t done, yet. There were still two things I wanted to get to in Austin, that only happen on Sundays…one for “y’all”…and one for me!

The one for y’all is…Chicken Shit Bingo at the Little Longhorn Saloon on Burnet Road. I first heard about this a few years ago on an episode of Globe Trekker on PBS. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to go, myself. So, this is something you can do, if you find yourself as a visitor to Austin…you know no one…and you’re looking for somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon. The Little Longhorn Saloon is where the party is always happening on Sundays.

So, what is Chicken Shit Bingo? It’s actually quite wholesome, and kids are welcomed. There are four rounds per afternoon, where folks line up to wager $2 on one bingo square marked out on the bottom of a chicken cage. After all of the wagers have been taken, a live chicken is brought out to the cage, and folks “flock” around the cage, eagerly waiting to see which square the chicken does its business on. Winner takes all.

This is an extremely fun, friendly affair. When I arrived, a winner was just being announced, and the pot was $300. Cool?

On my last visit, the chicken cage was inside the saloon…and the saloon was jam-packed with people. This time, the cage was out back in the parking lot, where the outdoor portion of this very large Sunday afternoon party was taking place. But, the saloon was still jam-packed. Here are a few pics from outside and inside:

Sadly, I did not get any pics of the chicken in the cage on this visit, but here is one from my last visit:

So, now you have at least one place to go, if you find yourself in Austin on your own on a Sunday!

The last thing I did on Sunday was to head to Go Dance – North, a cool dance studio, located in a mall, only about 5 minutes from the Little Longhorn Saloon. Go Dance hosts their Sunday Funday social dances on Sunday evenings. These are similar to dances I go to back home. The DJ plays a mix of ballroom, latin, club and country-western tunes.

Three women asked me up for dances, and I asked one up. I have no pics, but I had a nice relaxing time, getting some dancing in.

And that was the end of my Hill Country adventure.

As I am writing this, I am in San Antonio. Since the Hill Country, I have been taking things very easy, which unfortunately, means that I really don’t have anything to write about.

During the day, I’ve been catching up on these posts, and doing just a little random local exploring. At night, I’m trying to go out dancing, but mid-week dancing, I’m finding, is hit or miss. I went to a big, beautiful, modern dance hall here in San Antonio last night…the Midnight Rodeo…but the place was empty, except for maybe three couples who were only dancing with each other.

I am very good at entertaining myself, so that even when things might not work out as I hoped, I am still having a great time. I am very relaxed and happy.

Please forgive any lapses in postings for the remainder of my trip. I will post if/when something post-worthy comes up. But, just know that I’m having a great time, just relaxing and doing little things.

I’m in San Antonio for two more nights. Then, one day/night in Corpus Christi…a day/night on South Padre Island, which is the southernmost Gulf barrier island in Texas. From South Padre, I’ll be heading back to Houston for three nights, before beginning to gradually work my way back home, which will include another visit to Nashville.

In the meantime, I hope I’ve made these posts somewhat interesting and fun, and that they give you some travel ideas of your own.

Thank you all for your support on the road! It means the world!

2 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country – Day-4 (Sunday) – Part-2…Luckenbach, TX and Chicken Shit Bingo at Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin…”

  1. Hi Phil!

    It sounds like some well deserved relaxing down time amidst all the touring. Enjoy the rest of your time in TX before you hit the road again to come on home. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.


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