Texas Hill Country – Day-2 (Friday) – Part-1…Ranch Road 1323 & Willow City Loop Scenic Drives…

During my four days in the Hill Country, I ended up driving too many scenic roads to keep track of…intentionally and by chance.  But, arguably my two favorites, which flow directly into each other, were Ranch Road 1323, beginning just northeast of Johnson City, off of US-281 North, heading west to Willow City, and continuing directly onto the Willow City Loop (which as I was later informed, is part of the Bluebonnet Trail, one of the best places in the Hill Country to view Bluebonnet flowers in the spring).

As I’ve mentioned, I am having a difficult time conveying what the scenery and landscape is like in the Hill Country, so I did a little experiment.  I am using my cell phone for GPS, and have it attached with a bracket to my windshield.  So, I tried just turning on my cellphone’s video camera while I was driving this route, for a few minutes at a time.

So, buckle-up…cue up some country music (partly for a soundtrack, and partly to muffle the inadvertent sounds of my breathing or sighing or clearing my throat or coughing in the background)…and join me for a few minutes of driving in the Hill Country.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to give you the full wide-angle experience of being able to look out into the countryside, but particularly during a few moments of the second video, which is a part of Willow City Loop, you get to look out into one of the valleys.  Enjoy!

Here is a portion of Ranch Road 1323:

Here is portion of the Willow City Loop:



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