Austin, Texas…a little diversion…

Before I get back into the Hill Country, I’d like to share one of many little “happy accidents” that are common when anyone travels.  I’m still in Austin…mostly recovering from fun demands that I put on myself in the Hill Country, and working on catching up on blog posts.  But, I still need to eat, don’t I?  And my friend, Joni, had asked me before this trip, if I could include some photos of good meals/restaurants that I find along the way, so this is partly for Joni’s benefit.

So, yesterday afternoon I Googled “Mexican Restaurants”.  A list of restaurants came up.  One near the top of the list had good ratings and was less than a half-mile from my hotel.  My hotel is right on US-290, a main artery, rush hour traffic was already pretty bad and it was only 3:00pm, so I headed to this nearby restaurant for simplicity.

If you ever find yourself in Austin, go to this restaurant…Hecho en Mexico…which means (I had to look this up.)…Made in Mexico.  Very cool.  Address: 6001 West William Cannon, Suite 100.  This is South Austin.

I am not a foodie.  But, I do like Mexican dishes made with mole (moe-lay) sauce.  I’m lucky to find a Mexican restaurant in CT that offers any dishes made with mole.  Hecho en Mexico offers three different moles and offers a brief history and description of each one in their menu.

I leaned heavily on my waitress’ expertise, who was very sweet, extremely attentive and very informative, for everything I ordered.  Sadly, I didn’t ask her name, but she allowed me to take her picture, shown here, shaking the particular margarita that she suggested I try (best margarita ever).

I asked her which mole she would suggest, and which meat to have with it, as well as which beans.  On her suggestion, I went with the Mancha-Manteles with pork and charro beans, pictured here…amazing.

And for dessert, I went with the flan, which I love…but, I’m used to unadorned home-style.  This flan, which is made at the restaurant, was from another planet.  As my son, Nat, would say…it was flan-tastic!

Again, I don’t normally eat like this.  At home, I don’t go out to eat very often, and when I do, it’s nothing fancy.  So, this was a real treat.  And if you’re ever in Austin, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to Hecho en Mexico (did I just sound like a TV commercial???).

Okay…now, back to the Hill Country…

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